If you are going to complain about what class I play, go play a comp server

The Sniper vs Spy update is out, which leads to a huge influx of spies. I play spy a lot, so I am now just one of many on most servers. When there are this many of one class on a team, you will inevitably get the players complaining about team balance and ordering others to switch to a new class.

All I have to say to that is – if you want everyone to be at the top of their game, on the class they do best, with no attempts to learn a new class, leave the public servers.

These updates are a great time for people to try classes they haven’t hardly used. When the Scout update came out, there was a huge boost in the Scout population. Many people who had never before played Scout gave Scout a shot and learned the ropes. After the update was over, there were far more competent Scouts than prior to that. The pub servers are about having fun and playing the game. You go to new maps, get lost, run into obvious engie traps, play new classes and spend your time learning and enjoying.

If you take this game seriously enough to whine about other players wanting to learn a new class and wanting to enjoy the full breadth of the game, go to the comp servers. If you are truly bothered that the entire team does not see this as serious business, then leave the public servers. The comp servers are for those who aren’t learning and experimenting. The comp servers are for those hardcore players who have to be on top of their game at every second. Leave the pub servers for those who want to have fun. If you don’t enjoy it, I don’t care.

For the record, the player that set this rant off was a heavy who was ranked #1 on my team, and our team won every match. We weren’t losing due to a large number of inept snipers / spies, so his night wasn’t ruined by a bad, imbalanced team.

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