Sniper vs Spy update, first round of thoughts

The update has been out for a little more than a day now, so I’ll throw out my first set of thoughts…

The New Weapons

I can’t speak on them, at all. Not only have I unlocked nothing, I’ve very rarely seen them in game. There appears to be a bug regarding the weapon distribution, and Valve is addressing it. Until this is fixed and I can experience the weapons, I can’t say much. I did watch a Sniper with the Huntsman fight an Engineer, and the Huntsman didn’t look that good at mid range combat. The Sniper may have just been a bad shot, though.

The New Achievements

I’ve gotten a handful of achievements, but nothing too fantastic. They fit the classes nicely, and without the milestones, there is no desire to farm. I like the no farming, because it makes the achievements more legit when I unlock them. I didn’t just stand infront of a supply cabinet shooting the minigun until I fired $200,000 worth of ammo, just to get an achievement. So if you see that I unlocked something impressive, be impressed, because if I’m only earning bragging rights, you can be assured I will earn those bragging rights.

The New Maps

arena_sawmill is very fun, and the rain doesn’t seem to have any effect on the mechanics of the pyro’s flamethrower or the visibility of a cloaked spy. I was a bit concerned there about the spy cloak, since moving in and out of water causes a noticeable dripping effect while cloaked.

arena_nucleus is a hard to find map. I’ve still not actually managed to play it, but I did float around and check out the scenery. Looks nice, but we’ll have to wait to see how it plays.

pl_hoodoo came as a surprise, and I’ve not entered a server running it, so I have nothing to say.

plr_pipeline is the one I have played the most. I like that map quite a bit, but I don’t see a huge benefit to the headstarts provided by winning the heats, especially with the angled ramps that immediately slide the cart back once it’s left alone. It seems like no matter who wins heat one and heat two, heat three is anybody’s game.


All in all, I still can’t comment much. The new weapons is the big deal, but until Valve patches the drop rate, I can’t speak on them. Hopefully they’ll patch it shortly!

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