This is not a Team Fortress 2 blog

This blog has now been running for one month, and I want to look back on that month a bit and talk about what this blog is and where it is going. In the past month, I have written 34 posts, of which 25 were tagged ‘team fortress 2′. That’s a pretty high ratio, but that is just because of timing. This blog is just the rantings of a gamer / programmer, and it happens to be that during this month, Team Fortress 2 has been my game of choice. A few coworkers and I are avid players, and even record a weekly podcast called Jarate Sandvich, but the four of us are all gamers who move from game to game frequently.

In the past week, I haven’t posted much, because I haven’t been doing too much gaming. I’ve been a bit busy lately, but when I have been gaming, it’s been Sim City 4 more often than not. I’ve been a huge Sim City fan since Sim City 2000, and I think Sim City 4 was the peak of the series and is still an incredibly fun game. I’m currently playing World of Warcraft (it’s running in the background as I type this), and I’ve had an itch to get back into Disgaea 3 lately. As I play those games, I will talk about them; I’m going to do a post fairly soon about the completely unneeded vehicle missions in Sim City 4.

Team Fortress 2 is a game that I will be coming back to for years to come, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It took that position from Starcraft, although Starcraft II might just take that position back in a few months. I try to just talk about whatever is on my mind, and thanks to WordPress’ tagging system, you can always just keep up with certain subsets of my habits. If you just want the gaming news, and don’t care when I go on a rant about Subversion or Object Oriented Programming, then just follow the gaming category. Likewise, you can narrow the focus further to just posts tagged team fortress 2, way of the spy, or even just when I mention engineers. WordPress is a great blogging system, and I try to tag my posts as well as I can to make it easy to sift through all of my writing.

I plan to continue doing my Way of the Spy posts, although even within Team Fortress 2, I haven’t been playing Spy much lately. I don’t know how often I’ll do a Way of the Spy series, but I will have similar sets of posts for everything that I am interested in. There is no formal structure to this blog, so I can’t guarantee that any of these will be permanent.

In the past month, I’ve gotten more traffic than I expected for the first month on this blog. I really didn’t expect much more than myself, spiders, and a few friends. I’m proud of what I’ve done here and I want to keep it up and really get this project in motion, so please stick around, add me to your RSS feed reader, and I welcome any comments to any of the posts (except spam!).


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