What is Hideo Kojima doing?

Hideo Kojima, the creator of my much beloved Metal Gear series, has a countdown timer running on his website. The timer counts down to tomorrow at 3pm, and I really have no idea what it is all about. This timer is a flash animation of a field with heavy rain. Random letters periodically flash up, and two pictures will come up as well.

When I first went to the timer, it was just what looked like Big Boss circa 1980. I say “looked like” because, with the cloning and all, you can never be completely sure. The eyepatch is a pretty good indicator that it must be Big Boss, though – Solid Snake didn’t lose an eye at that age and Solidus Snake is missing the other eye.

So, at first, I suspected this was a game that featured Big Boss sometime after Portable Ops and before Metal Gear – a PS3 follow up to Portable Ops is what I really hoped for, featuring his early exploits with Outer Heaven.

Then, Kojima threw it all into disarray by adding the second picture – Raiden, wearing the Cyborg Ninja suit. He didn’t get this suit until after Metal Gear Solid 2′s Big Shell portion, which was in 2009.

So now we have two very different eras shown – when Big Boss looked as he looks in the picture, Raiden was just a kid. When Raiden gets the Cyborg Ninja outfit, Big Boss has already been killed by Solid Snake.

I’ll just have to wait and see what Kojima plans to do. It might be multiple games, or it might be one game that has a very long timeline, where each chapter is part of a different incident that is years apart from the other chapters.

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