An odd dream last night got me to start up a new game concept

I had a weird dream last night that had clear influence from The Dark Tower, specifically Wolves of the Calla, and I decided to run with it and see if I could flesh out a game concept from what happened in the dream. I don’t want to say too much about it yet, since right now the whole concept encompasses about 6 paragraphs in a document, but the idea has more potential the come to fruition than a lot of the stuff I’ve come up with. It would be a point and click in the vein of Myst, with influence from Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Dungeons and Dragons and Fallout. Being a point and click, the engine would be super easy to find, I could even probably use the open source ScummVM engine that I recently read about.

The biggest challenge for me will be getting artwork done, but a friend of mine has wanted to do game development for a long time, and I’ve seen his artwork and he is really good and can come up with really stylized stuff, which I would definitely go with. I just hope he can pull off multiple styles, since it would be required for this game. I’ll have to get a hold of him and see what his thoughts are, but first I’m going to try and find an open source engine to handle this and get it a bit more fleshed out. It is just a super vague concept and some ideas on how the opening chapter will start off.

For the time being, I’m codenaming the project Riley, after the main character in the dream – Riley Deschain, which is clearly influenced by Roland Deschain from The Dark Tower, but in name only.

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