My Death Knight is finally out of the opening area

A few months ago, I made my first Death Knight in World of Warcraft. My previous character was a level 55 Paladin (now 61, I haven’t played a whole lot in this time), and the transition to a Death Knight was pretty frustrating. It felt really weak. I couldn’t last in fights without needing a heal immediately afterwards, and I felt like a 55 Paladin to a 55 Death Knight was a kick in the nuts. I put in about two hours and stopped playing, and only today did I finally go back and play that particular character again.

This Death Knight is a dwarf named Dundabi (Proudmoore server), who is now a 58 Blood Death Knight. I’m still not super thrilled with him, mostly due to the lack of moves available. The opening area was designed to rapidly get you up to speed. You start at 55, and before you leave, you get 46 talent points to spend, and as soon as you leave, you get pretty much all flight points in Azeroth (except Northrend). The one area that wasn’t fully set up was the move set. I still only have about 8 moves, which is pretty minimal, considering I am level 58.

I don’t know how much more I will play that character. I really want to bring my Paladin up to level 80. I’m used to the Paladin, and take more pride in the Paladin than the Death Knight. Sure, in order to even get a Death Knight, that means I got to level 55 somewhere else, but it still just feels a bit cheap – I’ve put less than five hours into that character, and he is on the verge of going to Outland.

One good thing I can say though, the starting area was really well done. I didn’t like the ship cannon or wyrm missions, the controls and UI seemed half assed, but when I was playing normally, it was fun. The missions were well designed, the phased zones were really cool, and I felt like a true part of the Scourge. The ending scene also did a good job starting off the story of the Death Knights. The only mission I didn’t enjoy (except for the two I mentioned) was the one where you had to fend off some enemies while an allied Death Knight held up an anti-magic shield. I had to stay inside the shield, or suffer really strong magic damage, but anytime I tried to click an enemy, it would activate the shield and I’d start talking to that Death Knight. I am a control whore, and that little flaw irritated the hell out of me.

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