New hats and arena_offblast

Even though I’ve been out of Team Fortress 2 for about two months now (it happens, a lot, I’ll be back in eventually), I am interested in this Classless Update that was announced today. Thus far, they have announced that there will be more hats (yay?) and a new map – arena_offblast (yay!).

In my later days on TF2, the arena match type did become one of my favorites, and this map looks decent. However, Will pointed out that this would make a great King of the Hill map, and that match type was somewhat hinted at in a recent post by the solder. I would like to see a king of the hill match type added to Team Fortress 2. I think Valve could do a good job with that old standard in FPS gaming.

In the meantime, this news may be the spark that gets me back into Team Fortress 2. I have barely played in several months, instead playing inFAMOUS, Psychonauts, Dead Space, World of Warcraft and now Braid.

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