This week on twitter – 2009-08-23

  • I love how when a Playstation 3 is turned on in my house, all computers lose internet connectivity for a few seconds. #
  • I just finished Shadow Complex. That was a hell of a game and I hope a sequel is made. I didn't even gather all of the upgrades… #
  • The new WoW expansion news seems to confirm that Azeroth will be overhauled. It's good that I have a few more years to fully explore it. #
  • weather man says rain this weekend. i think it's all lies. i haven't seen rain in years. there is no more rain. there is no more life. #
  • Kurayami is another reason I am glad I have a PS3. Suda 51's games are amazing, and this one looks great. #
  • The more I watch The Colony, the more I think they focused on the wrong thing and ended up making a really bad show. #

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