This week on twitter – 2009-10-11

  • This whole week sucks. Really bad shit happened and it is pretty well all my fault. Huzzah for liquor. I'll need some tonight. #
  • Are you kidding? Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? He has been in office for 8 fucking months and hasn't hardly done anything significant. #
  • Situation resolved. Cost $49.95 and only took a few minutes. It could've been far worse. #
  • First time for everything – locked my keys in my car. #
  • Yes. Today sucked. It seemed like every hour got worse than the last. I thought getting home would help, but it didn't. It just got worse. #
  • It isn't even 9:10 and I can already tell today is going to suck. But I do have plans for a Zul'Farrak run tonight that might get me to 50. #
  • Nothing bothers me more than when someone I'm helping pulls the "I can't do my job because of this bug" card and can't reproduce the bug. #
  • My first experience with Bing Visual Search – wtf is this? It's like regular image search, but far worse and it doesn't run on Linux. #

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