This week on twitter – 2009-11-15

  • It's actually pretty odd not hearing that noise coming from my wheels when I turn or brake. At least I have my car back. #
  • The mechanic called – my brakes are in bad shape. I need new pads and new rotors. I'm not surprised. I deserve this for ignoring it so long. #
  • My car is at a mechanic. I feel so weird not having a car, even if I wouldn't be driving anywhere anytime soon. #
  • Looks like my procrastination has fucked me once again. I really should've had my car looked at a long time ago about the sounds I hear. #
  • The mash tun is now complete according to my dad's standards – 3 trips to the hardware store and it has drawn blood. Project complete. #
  • I have a few wave invites available. Anyone want one? #
  • Since Google Wave gadgets heavily rely on XML, I think now is a good time to use DOMi to build them dynamically. #
  • I figured out how to embed wave, but there are a few limitations that make it impractical for the blog at the moment. Someday, though. #
  • I got a Google wave invite today. I'm going to figure out how to embed Wave into my blog tonight. All posts from then on will be waves. #
  • Oh God. Another dead cat. What is wrong with Ft. Apache? #
  • This is today's article on why I hate patents – #
  • My phone is always sad. I'll explain later. #
  • My day started off shitty – dead cat in the road on my drive to work. It looked like my cat, too. =( #
  • mash tun is mostly done. i've got the manifold and valve finished and installed and all i have left to do is build and mount the sprinkler. #

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