Dragon Age: Origins has me psyched for Mass Effect 2

I got burned out from World of Warcraft last weekend and decided to go snag Dragon Age: Origins to waste some time before the much awaited Mass Effect 2 is rocking my face in ways I once thought unrockable. Although I had a hell of a time getting it installed due to Physx issues with my ATi Radeon 3870, once the game was going, it sure did impress the hell out of me. I ended up having to upgrade to an nVidia Geforce GTX 275 to get past my issues.

Dragon Age: Origins, while fantastic in its own right, is really just hyping me up for Mass Effect 2 on Jan 26. I really liked Mass Effect, Bioware fixed all of my gripes with the game, and Dragon Age: Origins shows great progress in many areas. I took a few days off work for Mass Effect 2 and I know I won’t regret it.


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