Build 20100524

I completed the third JavaScript iteration of the StarCraft II Build Order Calculator this morning and put it online. It took a few days longer than I expected, but I also drastically changed how the data is being stored for the build order. In my previous builds, I stored the data with the time as the lowest level element, whereas this build stores the unit as the lowest level element. This makes it easier to see what the unit is doing (and thus, what it is allowed to do), but makes it harder to display the timeline.

I also stored unit actions (such as build Probe, warp in Pylon, etc.) as functions within each unit. As I wrote the functions, it quickly became apparent that a huge number of functions are identical and should only be written in one place.

This build shows me the viability of storing unit actions within the function and keeping track of unit timelines within the unit, but also shows the weaknesses of displaying the timeline when I have to scan every unit for every second to see what has been done. It still does not take into account that you need a Gateway before you can make a Zealot, but I chose to not pursue that in this build when all of the flaws of this build became apparent. It does, however, take into account queuing and will not let you build more than 1 Probe from a Nexus at any one time.

I will begin my next iteration very soon and hope to have that online within the next few days. Each iteration definitely teaches me a lot about what will and will not work. I am still very far from a final build, but I still think it is possible to get the final build online before the game launches on Jul 27, 2010.


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