StarCraft II Build Order Calculator

I’ve recently begun work on a new project that should see the light of day in time for StarCraft II to launch on July 27. The project, being hosted over at, is the StarCraft II Build Order Calculator. The project aims to take the ease of use and share-friendly nature of World of Warcraft talent calculators and apply it to StarCraft II build orders.

The project is just beginning the iterative development phase, with some small scale tests of single aspects of the system. I began writing my notes on the site in plain text, but it quickly became apparent that I will have enough notes to require a full fledged blog.

Expect to see a flood of posts in the coming days as I think aloud on how to build this system and test various methods of implementation. I will be building it through iterative development, and as such there will be many micro tests in the coming weeks of single aspects of the system.

The first test that has already been pondered upon and attempted once is how to store the build order data in a URI without that URI becoming ungainly in length. You can see my notes on that test and see a sample of this one attempt in the iterative development section of that site.

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  1. #1 by Teo on September 21, 2010 - 5:09 pm

    its a good idea but needs some work, also it needs to have the ability to calculate how much time this might take, how much minerals and gas will be left over or how much u would have at a certin point.

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