The next iteration of the S2BOC is online

In my last update on the StarCraft II Build Order Calculator, I said that I was going to have this next version work on building queues, but I decided to work on the URL sharing instead. The newest version of the S2BOC still doesn’t account for queues, but you can now send someone the URL to share build orders.

This URL sharing is one of the most critical requirements of this system. This calculator is designed to aid strategy discussions and a key part of that is showing a friend your strategy. As you update your build order, the URL will be modified, so you can send the build order at any time and anyone going to that URL will see what you see.

This calculator also allows you to switch between TerranProtoss and Zerg, albeit in a clunky way that will be addressed before the final build. In order to change race, change the URL to start the build order string (from # to the end of the URL) with T, P or Z. In both FireFox and Chrome, I had to refresh the page after changing the URL before the new race properly appeared.

StarCraft II Build Order Calculator

Sample Build (9 Pylon / 12 Gateway Protoss build)


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