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Build 20100609

The newest iteration in my StarCraft II Build Order Calculator is a minimalistic approach, in comparison to the previous builds. Unlike the last few ambitious builds that attempted time and resource calculation, this is an attempt at the absolute basics. It is also my first build calculator that is somewhat usable right at the moment, as opposed to merely offering a glimpse at where I want to go with this system.

This calculator contains all units for all 3 races and allows for race changing and resetting the build. It also begins to toy with styles and the UI, although I didn’t spend much time other than getting elements in the rough position that I would like them to be.

I dropped back to a more minimal approach because I felt like the more advanced approaches I was working on were going in the wrong direction. I’d ultimately like a more advanced system, but I want to rewind a bit and go back to basics and consider alternative approaches to the other systems, that relied heavily on large data structures to store data, at times storing it repeatedly for different purposes.