Kohana 2.x Autoasset – Automatically include relevant javascript, css and more

I’ve set up about a half dozen Kohana 2.x sites now, and one problem that I constantly run into is including javascript / css based on the controller and method for the current page. For instance, if you go to “/user/view/1″ on a Kohana site, I would like to automatically include “/javascript/user.js” or “/javascript/user/view.js”, if the files exist.

To solve this problem, I created an autoasset module for Kohana 2.x. It will not work on Kohana 3.x due to the removal of events and hooks. To use autoasset, simply load it like you would any other module, and then go into the config file and specify which kinds of assets to load. Just input the directory that these assets are stored in, the file extension, and a callback to use when rendering. I put in example entries for javascript and css as a demonstration. You can then render the autoloaded assets by calling autoasset::render(); where you want to include the assets, such as the html head tag.

On a similar note, modules like this are one of the main reasons why I am launching ko23.net. I think Kohana 2.x is a fantastic framework, and if a large community arose to provide modules that are just generally useful, then Kohana 2.x could really shine.

Download Kohana 2.x Autoasset

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