Hosting switch is complete!

Yesterday, I completed the switch from Bluehost to InmotionHosting. I had been with Bluehost for the past 2 years. They were really good early on, but in the past year, the sites began to slow down significantly and crash several times weekly. I never had data loss or site outages that lasted more than 10 minutes, but it was still extremely obnoxious and unacceptable. I decided to switch to InmotionHosting after having really good experiences with them at work. In particular, their tech support and customer service is amazing.

All pages should be fully operational, but with any hosting switch comes a bit of a risk. I’m still moving over the other domains I had hosted, but none were as significant as, so I’m taking my time with the rest. I’m not transferring over all domains, though. There are a few that expire very shortly and I have no interest in renewing.

I just hope no issues pop up during this critical judging phase for the Zappos API Developer Challenge, where my Zearch extension has been entered. It would be a shame to lose points because the Zappos developers were unable to even download Zearch during the downtime.


  1. #1 by Alastair Dallas on September 13, 2011 - 11:14 am

    I came across your blog (PHP multi-byte character encoding article–thanks!) and just started reading backwards, and I was surprised to find this post: I switched from bluehost to GoDaddy to InMotion. Bluehost really didn’t meet my needs, and the CEO told me by e-mail to go elsewhere if I couldn’t stop complaining. I’ve had great service from InMotion–seems like a really well-run operation.

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