Team Liquid Browser Extension

Lately I’ve been thinking about writing a browser extension for my beloved, which is my main source for all things StarCraft. I’ve already created a set of Greasemonkey scripts specifically for Team Liquid,  but that was before I learned how to write a proper browser extension. After writing Zearch for Firefox and Chrome, I feel a lot more confident in cutting Greasemonkey out of the equation and going straight for a proper Team Liquid extension.

As far as desired functionality goes, it’s a given that the two existing scripts will be integrated. Although, I really should fix the banned user script first… that only seems to work for me about half of the time. In addition to the sidebar updater and banned user linking, I will add some functionality for the stream list, at the recommendation of my dear friend Will. I will allow customizing of the featured streams list, and sorting by race.

In order to do this, however, I need to figure out how to set and retrieve configuration options in both Chrome and Firefox. Unlike Zearch, this tool will need some long term data storage. Not only will I need to save user preferences for featured streams, but I’d also like to allow for some configuration, like which features to enable / disable and other miscellaneous settings.

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