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Drupal migration

In the past 6 months, I’ve been using Drupal quite a bit and have made the decision to migrate my site from WordPress to Drupal. I’m more familiar with Drupal 6.x than Drupal 7.x right now, but I can easily change that. The decision to migrate really came to a head when I made my last post about the statepicker module and realized I have no ability to show off this module on my own site. Not only is this site running software that isn’t Drupal, but WordPress is a platform that I don’t foresee myself spending much time in its development community.

My time with Drupal has really changed my opinion of it from ‘meh’ to semi-awestruck. The main point that I keep thinking about is that I have yet needed to hack in any changes to Drupal. Every module I’ve written and every customization I’ve done has been neatly tucked into the sites folder, where custom content is intended to be handled. Unlike the other platforms I’ve used (mostly Kohana and WordPress), I have not needed to go edit things I shouldn’t be editing to reach my desired result.

I’ll be doing the migration over the next month or so. As of right now, I just have a blank Drupal 7.7 install floating in a git repository. I have a lot of work before it’s suitable to replace this WordPress build.

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Drupal Statepicker Module

I’ve spent the past few months working heavily with Drupal, rebuilding my company’s primary site on it. While doing this, I came to an interesting issue that involved creating a module that I think the Drupal community at large could use – a new form item type for choose a state, with a full country list as well. To solve this issue, I created the statepicker module, which is currently hosted on as a sandbox project, but I hope to have it upgraded to full project status shortly.

Statepicker creates a new field type, called ‘statepicker’, that creates a pair of dropdown menus in the form – a state dropdown and a country dropdown. When the country dropdown is changed, an AJAX call refreshes the state list to show the states from the current country. I’ve also created an administration panel that lets an admin edit the state list.

You can download the module from the site, currently only through the repository viewer.

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