Drupal theme is mostly done, now to migrate content

I’ve been working on my rebuilding of the site on Drupal 7.x quite a bit lately, and have the theme mostly done. The Drupal build, in its current state, can be found in this subfolder. The next step is to migrate the content of my WordPress blog over to the Drupal site, which I’m trying to accomplish with the WordPress Migrate module, but I am having some difficulty. If need be, I might just manually recreate the blog entries I care to retain (that is, not ones related to homebrew or gaming) and attempt to salvage the rest at a later date.

Hopefully I can completely switch over to this Drupal build within the next week. I’ve built the theme as a subtheme of the venerebal Zen theme, and would love to get a working Drupal build to be able to show off some of the stuff I’m working on, like the statepicker module that I recently posted about. I still need to get that working with Drupal 7, however, so I won’t be able to show a demo of it right away.

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