Git time!

In the past few weeks, I finally have had the chance to start using Git. I’ve been mildly interested for about a year now, ever since a coworker of mine left the company and began using Git at his new company, but the sheer momentum of my company’s Subversion repositories was a big hurdle to overcome.

I was finally forced to move something onto Git when I put my statepicker module onto, and Git was their only available VCS. After making the switch, and learning Git, I definitely agree with the general consensus that Git simply is better than Subversion. Having a DVCS just adds an incredible amount of flexibility to how repositories are set up, maintained and shared.

So on that note, I’ve begun to actually use the github account I set up a few months ago. The first thing I’m putting onto it is the repository for my Drupal rebuild of As far as future projects on it, the only other thing that I still want to do at some point is my Team Liquid Browser Extension. I’ve been unable to touch that since I first mentioned it because I’ve had very little time lately, but that isn’t a stillborn concept.

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